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Bradley Rudolph
(270) 498-4083
Scott Grubbs
(270) 254-6040
First Ceremonial Master Second Ceremonial Master
Charlie Durham
Lady Wanda
(270) 543-3907
Ray Abbott
Lady Bettye
(270) 869-4394
Co-Chaplain Co-Chaplain
Chester Burden
Lady Naedean
(270) 821-1863
Mike Stewart
Lady Penny
(270) 559-4155
Captain of the Guard Marshall
Joe Winn Jr., P.P.
Lady Janet
(931) 216-2139
Wally Wiggington
Lady Helen
(270) 298-9202
Co-Director Co-Director
Bobby Collins
Lady Brenda
(270) 731-8698
Wesdie Webb, P.P.
Lady Jeanette
(270) 543-6737
Director General, Parade Marshall Donor Relations
Don Thomas
Lady Melissa
(270) 527-2425
Bob Chope
Lady Diane
(405) 255-2025
Temple Attorney Membership Chairman
Jason Bratcher
Lady Jennifer
(513) 374-7184
Jimmy Luker
Lady Carole
(270) 627-0774
Outer Guard Honorary Chairman
Fred Tate, P.P.
Lady Phyllis
(270) 999-0664
Douglas W. Bunch
Lady Ellissa
(270) 842-4194
Public Relations Chairman Webmaster, Scimitar Editor
Shellie Utley, CPA
(270) 821-3355
Legion of Honor
ct: Chester Burden
(270) 871-1863
Temple Auditor Special Events Escort
David Mosley
Lady Macki
(606) 305-5741
John Brown
Lady Kathy
(270) 526-0402
Imperial Photographer Temple Jewelry Room
Hospital Board of Governors
J. Eddie Daugherty, P.P.
Lady Ruby
(270) 999-1250
Board Member
Warren Hopkins
Lady Sally
(270) 753-9218
Rodger Kellner, P.P.
(270) 534-3027
Emeritus Member Emeritus Member
Saint Louis
Bob Chope
Lady Diane
(405) 255-2025
Associated Board Member
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